I’m a digital artist and creative coder based in Santiago of Chile. I focus on the constant exploration and investigation of movement and shape using the visual language of geometry, noise, color and light, seeking to highlight that the simplest things can give us peace and harmony. My creations invite the use of imagination and understanding to go beyond what logic offers us. I hold a Bachelor degree of Design in Visual Communication from Universidad Técnologica Metropolitana, I was part of the School for Poetic Computation (SFPC) in New York in 2018 and I’m co-founder of Brillo an art, design and technology studio.

During these last years I have focused on the creation of generative visuals through code, I also create interactive experiences of virtual reality, augmented reality and physical computing. Among other things I have participated in projects such as Hypha VR exhibited at the Sundance 2020 New frontier, Memorial Rocas AR at the biennial of media arts in Chile and other projects exhibited at the Mirador Interactive Museum, Fungui Museum, Carmen Museum of Maipú, Pre-Columbian Museum in Chile

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