I’m Paola G. Olea, I’m a digital artist from Santiago, Chile. For years I worked as a graphic designer and creative technology in various advertising agencies in the country. Three years ago my work has focused on working on developing the interactive area of several museums in Santiago, thanks to this in 2018 I was able to participate in the creative process, development and implementation of three interactive in the building “Tunnel Universe” the largest Interactive exhibition on astronomy of Latin America of the Mirador Interactive Museum.

In 2017, together with Javier Garay, a digital artist, we founded Brillo, a digital art collaborative space, which seeks, through immersive experiences in different digital formats, to break the boundaries to create, dream and experiment. My responsibility as an artist inside and outside Brillo is to generate new spaces that go in the search to enhance the skills of its members, mutual respect and generosity of knowledge within the group and with other communities.

It’s important as an artist to be a contribution to society, to bring my country, it’s idiosyncrasy, it’s customs and geography to the world, in the same way, to bring the world closer to those who don’t have the possibility. That is why I’m currently developing a social project, together with a multidisciplinary group of people we seek to create a cultural space in Larmahue, a rural town located in southern Chile, in order to provide knowledge of new experiences associated with technology and art.

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