Mobile application

Enjoy Casino’s spirit is about fun. But in all our restaurants we have an enemy: smartphones. So we (agency Why) need to create something unique, a real incentive so the people inactivate their smartphones.

We invite our costumers to enter a mobile website and turn on the Airplane Mode. When our website detected it, a counter that rewards our consumers starts. If a consumer turns the Airplane Mode off, the counter resets to zero. It works even when the smartphone it’s blocked. This way all our customers connects to their tablets with a fun conversation.

La Mesanger application was released in April 2015.


Italo Fierro / Creative director / Art
Rodrigo Santana / Creative director
Mai Montes / Copywriter
Paola González
/ Creative coder
Erick Birkner
/ Developer Back-End
José Maulén
/ Art