Illuminating nature

Simbiosis is a light installation for the “Museo del Hongo” in relation to CRIPTO: the 4th Meeting of Art, Science and Digital Culture, which inaugurated version 2018 in Santiago on Friday, October 19 at the Museum of Visual Arts MAVI.

The meeting is an invitation to reflect and talk about the digitization of information, new forms of production and distribution of goods and services, and the emergence of a new post-industrial economic paradigm, based on data and its encryption. The initiative includes an agenda of activities in the cities of Valparaíso and Santiago, with a program consisting of lectures, workshops, laboratories, and visual concerts, as well as the presentation of a documentary and the development of a publication that is proposed as a recommendation emerges from the transdisciplinary sector of art and science

Art Work by:
Oscar Llauquen
Paola G. Olea
Javier Garay

Thanks to:
Museo del Hongo