Independence of Chile

In the framework of the bicentenary celebrations of the Maipú Battle, we conducted two installations for the Museum del Carmen de Maipú, that generate educational content in relation to historical events and heritage of Chile.

The first allows visitors to interact through a touch screen with different stories, adopting roles, characteristics and customs of characters of the time through augmented reality and receive a record of participation by mail, with a photograph of the characterization made in the visit.

And the second installation, visitors can see milestones linked to the space in which the history of Chile’s independence was lived. By means of a replica of the cannons used in the 1800s, the visitor can interact in 360 degrees with the location moments before the battle.

Batalla de Maipú was installed in April 2018 at the Museo del Carmen de Maipú.


Paola González / Creative, technology and coder director / Producer
Javier Garay / Creative director / Art / 3D / Animator
Vulka / 3D / Animation 3D
Rodrigo Mardones / Audio Mix
Omar Sepúlveda / Installation