Experimental hybrid short film

I had the pleasure of participating in the creation of the visuals for the short film “Caes tu también“. The generated visuals are reactive to sounds, specifically to the narrative voice.

Caes tú también is the continuation of the last podcast chapter, El Estallido de las Cosas, a sound series of six chapters that tell stories from the point of view of the objects that became protagonists and emblematic, during the social outburst occurred in Chile in 2019. Chapter 6; Constitución en Terapia, was the starting point of this new audiovisual work, where we hear an anguished Constitución who goes to therapy seeking to understand her past. Through a series of regressions she manages to find the origin of her trauma: an authoritarian, dictatorial and excluding past.

This is a short film of experimental hybrid character where the national contingency is taken to the intimate giving voice, life and emotions to the constitution, creating its digital representation, and mixing documentary record of different filmmakers to create a dreamlike and surreal journey that takes us to the interior of our fears and deep-rooted beliefs as a society.


Created by: Border.
Directors: Maria Court, Trinidad Piriz.
Production: Maria Court.
General Producer & Assistant Director: Francisca Miles.
Writters: Trinidad Piriz, Benjamín Villalobos.
Music & Sound Design: Nicolás Aguirre.
Voices: Trinidad Piriz, Belén Fernández, Nicolás Aguirre.
Camara: Franco Sanguinetti, Maria Court, Paola Olea, Javier Garay, Mauricio García.
Drone: Cristian Medina, Franco Sanguinetti, Leonardo Mena, Vicente Fernández, Mauricio Garcia.
Installation: Jael Valdivia, Maria Court.
Visuals & Front End: Paola Olea.
Titles & Web Design: Javier Garay.
Post Production: Francisca Miles, Benjamín Villalobos, Javier Garay.
Residencia NAVE: María José Cifuentes, Constanza Espínola, Johnatan Inostroza, Cecilia Checa, Cristián González, Consuelo Laclaustra.
Consultant & Historian: Matthew Brown.
Subtitles: Madeline Weir.
Visual Archives: Patricio Veloso/ Drone marcha Santiago 25 octubre, Commercial Clip, SVF TV.
Sound Archives: Carlo Sánchez, Claudio Vargas.
Thanks to: Rosa Arancibia, Elisa Lydiatt, Olivia Lydiatt, Amelia Ibañez, Victor Leyton, Esteban Fuica.
With the support of: Brigstow Institute, Bristol University, Gobierno de Chile, NAVE, Goethe Institut, Universidad Austral de Chile.
In collaboration with: Brillo.
Produced by:
Mucha Media.