Discovering the Forbidden City

Again Convergencia challenged us (agency Love) to create a new virtual reality, this time for discovering the Forbidden City for the Foundation Mustakis. The application was intended to introduce the visitor to the beliefs of Chinese culture, which come from the worldview and are applied in their philosophy, religion and directly in the architectural distribution within the Forbidden City.

The Dragón Chino VR experience was installed at Centro Cultural la Moneda, Santiago, September 2016.

Photographs by: Andrés Mejias



Paola González / Creative director / Technology director / Creative coder / Producer
Javier Garay / Creative director / Technology director / Producer / Art / 3D / Animator
Thomas Erlandsen / Creative coder
Rafael O’Ryan / 3d / Animator
Rodrigo Mardones / Mix audio
Yamil / Locution