Sensorial experiment

For the new year party, we decided to create a sensorial experiment. Is usual for the people to use their fingers to interact with a screen, so the challenge for us was to explore another way, in this case, we used the voice, specifically our shouts.

We used a mac mini, a big screen, a microphone and a camera for the interaction and we left a message “Let it go and shout”. The installation detected the screams and began capturing images, creating a unique sequence of images for each person or group. We uploaded the sequence to a web page, where people could share on social networks.

The Gritos violentos experience was installed at Porta agency, Santiago, in December 2015.



Paola González / Creative director / Technology director / Creative coder / Producer
Javier Garay / Creative director / Creative coder / Producer / Art
Esteban Fernández / Developer Back-End
Thomas Erlandsen / Developer Front-End