M.A.N. – T.R.A. 1.0

Saxophone and piano

M.A.N.-T.R.A. 1.0 is the first piece of the series “M.A.N.-T.R.A.” developed by the Peruvian composer Claudia SofĂ­a Alvarez. Through this series of works, the intention is to explore particular vibrations, as well as resonant symbols (with or without literal meaning) that can lead to a particular state of mind or perception of the sound experience. Each of them has a “mantra” that stimulated the genesis of each of the works. Specifically, M.A.N.-T.R.A. 1.0 is constituted around the idea: “I experience this form”, under which the performers are immersed in atmospheres and textures that invite them to experience different aspects of the corporeality of their instrument, sometimes in a determined and sometimes indeterminate way.