Experience light painting

For the new exposition “Picasso. Mano Erudita, Ojo Salvaje” in the Centro Cultural la Moneda, Convergencia asked us (agency Love) to created an experience to discover and experiment with the technique light painting for the Foundation Mustakis.

We created a unique art system that captures the movement of a flashlight into an artful self-portrait, for that reason, we decided to work with Canon. To accomplish this, we created an automatic system, we written in an open-source C++, openFrameworks. This framework helped us to connect a Canon 7D and Arduino UNO to the system.

In the experience, the person took the flashlight from a platform where we place a pressure sensor, the system detects this interaction and showed the instructions on the screen. The people had 10 seconds to draw with the flashlight. When the time was up, the system released the photo on the screen, at the same time uploaded to a server and available for sharing the moment a user finished the experience.

The Pinta con Luz experience was installed at Centro Cultural la Moneda, Santiago, in December 2016.


Paola González / Creative director / Technology director / Creative coder / Physical computing / Producer
Javier Garay / Creative director / Physical computing / Producer / Art / Animator
Manuel Barrios / Art
Carlos Fernández / Art
Nicolas Riffo / Animator
Pablo Retamal / Animator
Esteban Fernández / Developer Back-End
Carolina Rojas / Developer Front-End
Ignacio Infante / Illumination