Cosmic Particles – MICRO MUTEK.CL
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I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Micro festival, which took place from September 27th to 30th, 2023. This festival was a celebration of electronic music and digital arts, featuring a diverse range of activities across five different locations, including over 25 shows, performances, talks, and panel discussions.


My role at the festival was to conduct a workshop on creating reactive visuals to music, specifically using particles in TouchDesigner. The workshop aimed to explore the intersection of music and visual art, teaching participants how to synchronize captivating visuals with the beats and rhythms of music.


As the festival progressed, I had the privilege of contributing to the immersive experience of the NOCTURNE event, held in the Sala Omnium. During this event, I provided live visuals for DJ Cubecatz from Argentina and Roman Flügel from Germany. The visuals I created were centered around reactive particles that responded in real-time to the music, enhancing the overall sensory experience for the audience.

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